Systems for Infrastructures

Pagano S.p.A. performs all engineering installations on the road and highway infrastructure.

The know-how acquired over the years allows for an optimization review of project designs and their implementation in full compliance with the quality standards required by industry standards.


System for the Tertiary Sector

Pagano S.p.A. also designs and implements technological systems in the tertiary sector thanks to its highly qualified engineering team and skilled workers.

In recent years, the main works include plant engineering works of particular technological innovation within shopping centers, hotels, business centers, etc. where the plant engineering part covers an essential component for comfort and improvement of the quality of life.


Systems for Major Works

Within major works, technological systems, notably electrical and mechanical, include increasingly innovative technologies that result in a variety of “smart systems.”

Their implementation is developed in railway and subway stations, hospitals, airports etc.


Public Lighting

Design, Construction and Management of Public Lighting for Safer and Modern Cities
Pagano S.p.A. has been accompanying cities in the upgrading of public lighting systems for more than 20 years.

Tailor-made design and management, with a focus on:

  • Energy Savings and Reduced Environmental Impact
  • Safety, Enhancement and Urban Comfort
  • Integrated facility management
  • Smart City Services


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